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Below are the players with the most Apigas (Obtained in the PvP Zone).
This ranking was updated in 19/04/2024 at 02:25 GMT -3

This ranking will automatically restart.

Top 1°: +100 TvT Coins
Top 2°: +80 TvT Coins
Top 3°: +60 TvT Coins

Name Clan Cantidad Time
NycKyTaNaCKa IArtificial 25 11d, 3h 21m
YakuZa Malvekes 17 27d, 4h 22m
McLovin DESTRUCCION 6 15d, 21h 21m
MateCocido IArtificial 2 29d, 16h 29m
eminem1 DESTRUCCION 1 9d, 0h 14m
2mil ShadowNinjas 1 8d, 10h 26m
TaKiLLa IArtificial 1 0d, 11h 33m