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Ranking x100
PVP  |  PK
1º   EggsBenedict 1314 pvps
2º   JackeyLove 1118 pvps
3º   FrankTheTank 964 pvps
4º   iPOP 945 pvps
5º   Axe3 936 pvps

Informaciones x100

Inicio del servidor: 12-10-2018 20:00hrs GMT -3
Cronica del servidor: Interlude


Experience (EXP): x100
Skill points (SP): x100


Safe enchant: +4
Max enchant: +16
Chance normal scroll: 50%
Chance blessed scroll: 60%
Blessed scroll fail: Return to +4


Buff slots: 24 + 4 (Divine inspiration)
Buff time: 2 hours
All buffs in NPC

Olympiads & Sieges

Olympiad period: 7 days
Class Base: Sábados y domingos solamente
Battle time: 18:00 - 00:00 GMT -3
Max enchant: +10

Siege period:

1 week
Castle reward (Clan Leader)

Clan & Alliance

Clan penalties 1 hour
Maximun 1 clan per ally
Maximun members 70


Chaotic zones
Achievements and daily quests - say NO to routine!
Team vs Team events
Death Math events
Custom events
Kamaloka events
L2Day events
Change of Heart events
Hallowen events
Christmas events
The Fall Harvest
PvP Zone
Automatic events system
Max 3 Dualbox
Cursed weapons
Offline stores
Auto learn skills
Spawn protection 30 seconds
Auto pick up drops (Except bosses)
Grand bosses quest item in GmShop
Pk drop items from 5 or more pks
Champions system
Wedding manager
Pawn Shop (Sell your items)
Balanced classes
Ranking manager
Sub-class free (No quest, No Acu)
Nobless quest (Retail, optionals items in GMShop)
Global gatekeeper
GMShop full
Buffer full
Casino manager
Auto Restart 07:25hrs GMT -3
Muchas más características, ¡te esperamos!

Farm Areas

Monastery of Silence Event - Medals
Ketra orc outPost Event - Medals
Imperial tomb Event - Glittering Medals
Forge of the gods Event - Glittering Medals
Primeval isle Adena
Stakato nest Adena
Disciples Necropolis Ancient Adena
TheSaints Necropolis Ancient Adena
Necropolis of Martyrdom Ancient Adena
Catacomb of the Witch Ancient Adena
Catacomb of DarkOmens Ancient Adena
Catacomb of the Forbidden Path Ancient Adena
Party Farm (Chaotic) All items

Respawn Boss

AntharasAntharas Miércoles + Sábado (21:00 - 21:30hrs) GMT -3
BaiumBaium Martes + Viernes (21:00 - 21:30hrs) GMT -3
ValakasValakas Jueves + Domingo (21:00 - 21:30hrs) GMT -3
FrintezzaFrintezza Lunes (21:00 - 21:30hrs) GMT -3
Queen antQueen ant Todos los días (20:20 - 20:40hrs) GMT -3
OrfenOrfen Todos los días (22:00 - 22:30hrs) GMT -3
CoreCore Todos los días (23:00 - 23:20hrs) GMT -3
ZakenZaken Todos los días (22:00 - 22:20hrs) GMT -3
La puerta de Zaken abre a las 19:30 GMT -3, por 10 minutos horario real, usa el comando .time
Grand BossGrand Boss Respawm 1 día
PvP BossPvP Boss Respawm 3-6 horas
Clan BossClan Boss Respawm 3-4 horas
Noble BossNoble Boss Respawm 3-4 horas
Raid BossRaid Boss Respawm 3-6 horas


.achiv Mostrar logros y misiones diarias
.acp Mostrar panel CP/HP/MP automático
.class Mostrar opciones de cambio de clase
.epic Mostrar estado de boss
.menu Mostrar configuraciones personales
.pa Mostrar opciones de cuentas premium
.whoiam Mostrar estadísticas personales
.offline Crear una tienda fuera de línea
.deposit Haz 1 goldbar por 500.000.000 adenas
.withdraw Haz 500.000.000 adenas por 1 goldbar
.time Mostrar la hora actual del servidor
.help Mostrar ayuda de comandos de usuario