Informations - x1000

L2Gamers - Lineage 2 Interlude.

Start of server: 07-12-2019 18:00hrs GMT -3
Server Chronicle: Interlude - NO Custom


Experience (EXP): x1000
Skill points (SP): x1000


Safe enchant: +4
Max enchant: +16
Chance 90% +5 Blessed Enchant
Chance 80% +6 Blessed Enchant
Chance 70% +7 Blessed Enchant
Chance 60% +8 Blessed Enchant
Chance 50% +9 Blessed Enchant
Chance 45% +10 Blessed Enchant
Chance 40% +11 Blessed Enchant
Chance 35% +12 Blessed Enchant
Chance 30% +13 Blessed Enchant
Chance 25% +14 Blessed Enchant
Chance 20% +15 Blessed Enchant
Chance 15% +16 Blessed Enchant


Slots: 28 + 4 (Divine inspiration)
Time: 2 hours
All buffs in NPC Buffer

They do not occupy buff slots:
- Greater Heal
- Greater Group Heal
- The Heart of Pa'agrio
- Celestial Shield
- Item Skill: Lesser Celestial Shield
- Flames of Invincibility
- Mystery Potion
- Battle Force
- Spell Force
- Hot Springs Rheumatism
- Hot Springs Cholera
- Hot Springs Flu
- Hot Spring Malaria
- Hot Spring Illusion
- Capture Penalty

Olympiads & Sieges

Olympiad period: +7 días
Battle time: 18:00 - 00:00 GMT -3
Max enchant: +12
Wings of Destiny Circlet: +250 pDef/mDef
Héroe Weapon: +100 pDef/mDef
Enchant available.

Siege period:

+7 días
The Lord's Crown: +250 pDef/mDef
Castle reward (Clan Leader Online)

Clan / Alliance / Anti-Zerg

Clan penalties removed
Maximum members per clan NORMAL (Retail)
Channel Commander Maximum 6 Party
Alliances maximum 2 clans
Maximum 27 members per Clan in Chaotic Boss zones
Clan Bonus FREE in NPC Sara(Giran)


Chaotic zones
Achievements and daily quests - di NO a la rutina!
PvP Zones(Extra Reward)
Vote Server Reward
Dualbox (3)
Offline stores
Auto learn skills
Spawn protection 30 seconds
Auto pick up drops (Except bosses)
Epic bosses no quest
Pk drop items from 1 or more pks
Champions system Blue/Red, extra Drop
Wedding manager
Black-Market (Sell your items)
1 Augment Active + 1 Augment Passive
Balanced classes
Sub-class x4 Free (No quest, No Acu)
Nobless (All 'Raid Boss' Auto Nobles Party Kill Top Damage level 76+)
Global gatekeeper
GM-Shop Full
Buffer Full
PC Bang Points (Online Reward)
Auto Restart 07:25hrs GMT -3
Shift + Click mobs/boss check Drops items
Many more features in the game, we are waiting for you!


Safe Farm Zone Drop Medium
Normal Farm Zone Drop High
Party Farm Zone(Chaotic) Drop Very High
Spoil Activated Extra Drop
PvP Farm Zones, Extra Drop
Random Zones


.achiv Show achievements and daily missions
.acp Show automatic CP/HP/MP panel
.epic Show Epic Boss Status
.class Show class change options
.menu Show personal settings
.pa Show premium account options
.offline Create an offline store
.goldbar Make 1 goldbar for 500.000.000 adenas
.adena Make 500.000.000 adenas for 1 goldbar
.time Show the current server time
.help Show help for user commands
.topclan Show top clan score ranking