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Ranking x75
PVP  |  PK
1º   problematica 36 pvps
2º   NikolaTesla 27 pvps
3º   ROBERTA 23 pvps
4º   BIMBA 19 pvps
5º   Nahu 18 pvps

Top Olympiad x75

Below are all the players who are competing to be heroes.
This ranking was updated in 21/04/2019 at 00:56 GMT -4

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Name Class Pts Clan
NoRa Soultaker 18 1664Group
Blondy Sagittarius 18 1664Group
samo Sagittarius 18 1664Group
Jaric Dominator 18 1664Group
Melo Mystic Muse 18 1664Group
Tecknet Dreadnought 18 1664Group