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Ranking x75
PVP  |  PK
1º   Souza 1716 pvps
2º   karinita 1133 pvps
3º   LokI 903 pvps
4º   JustinDrew 689 pvps
5º   Stalker 577 pvps

Top Olympiad x75

Below are all the players who are currently heroes.
Name Class Clan Ally
BigWarriors Duelist LordsOfShadows IntheEnd
MaLTake Dreadnought GamesOfThrones Os7Reinos
KbznUC Phoenix Knight LordsOfShadows IntheEnd
HaaSe Sagittarius LordsOfShadows IntheEnd
Uram3shi Adventurer GamesOfThrones Os7Reinos
VanFanel Soultaker LordsOfShadows IntheEnd
Nirr Eva Templar Renegade Cruzaders
HuntCrow Wind Rider LordsOfShadows IntheEnd
Keikko Storm Screamer WarHunter OsMelhores
Kabum Titan GamesOfThrones Os7Reinos
Laras Grand Khauatari Renegade Cruzaders
LightRipper Dominator GamesOfThrones Os7Reinos
LuLuzinha Fortune Seeker GamesOfThrones Os7Reinos