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    Clan's Name: TopClan Leader's Name: TopLeader Members: 2 pts
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    if someone is interested for 9vs9, please let me know
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    when we will take the rewards?
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    Clan: Pueblo Paleta Total Gamers: 18 Leader: Ash Miembros: Lugia, Gengar, Mewtwo, Pikachu, Rayquaza, Eevee, Zapdos, Greninja, Charmander, Squirtle, Metapod, Jigglypuff, Cubone, Suicune, Piplup, Togepi, Blastoise y Ash.
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    if you find any , let me know
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    lf competition
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    who are you ?
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    english please?
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    maybe you guess wrong ?
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    you are already there? i can come in like 15m
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    Join clan/cp EzGame total gamers:9 Leader:necr0m7 :nicks memebers:necr0m7/helenalive/somebodyelse/savage/lostparadise/shoushana/rav3n/patiiii/brian
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    Oasis Team Leader: TOXIC Players: xIris SAMSUNG Marihuano Stick Smoking LocoWafle M1aLov3 Pistons Aden Markewy
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    4 parties of mages Clan leader: Ben Shapiro
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    Clan { TheKings } Total Gamers [ 2 Partys. ] Leader MisaAmane Members MisaAmane - Eduu27 - Gondar - MrSmith - PastorAlemán - Marihuanaman - MomoCha - Jhonystalker - Zeuzinha Faltan por confirmar...
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    Clan/CP: fs Total Gamers: 9-18 Leader: Dashiki
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    Registrados con éxito! Los esperamos en el up oficial para los beneficios
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    Registrando nuestro Clan... Clan: LaBanda. Total Gamers: 18 todos Activos. Leader: Hitler. Nicks miembros: Clifford - Antonieta - Neoakiro - Shiryu - Bachecha - GoteN - Didio - Paul - Diego - Subaru - Neeba - SwordOfChaoS - Sideral - PePemarley - Lautaro - Vulkano - Pitufox... *100% CONFIRMADOS* Por confirmar faltan varios más...
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    ES: Vote Server, como votar en 2 simples pasos: 1. Vota por el servidor en topzone / hopzone. 2. Escribe ingame el comando .topzone .hopzone y te dará el vote siempre y cuando el voto esté validado por topzone y el server. Topzone/Hopzone registra tu IP al votar y luego se compara la de tu pj en el server, despues el server valida que no votaste antes con otro pj o cuenta y que está todo ok y legal, si es así te da el vote. * Solo se puede votar y usar el comando cada 12 horas. * No votes desde la red de tu celular por que puede ser una IP diferente a la de tu pj. * No uses proxys por que puede ser otra IP a la de tu pj. EN: Vote Server, how to vote in 2 simple steps: 1. Vote for the server in topzone / hopzone. 2. Write ingame the command .topzone .hopzone and it will give you the vote as long as the vote is validated by topzone and the server. Topzone/Hopzone registers your IP when voting and then compares that of your pj in the server, then the server validates that you did not vote before with another pj or account and that everything is ok and legal, if so, it gives you the vote. * You can only vote and use the command every 12 hours. * Do not vote from the network of your cell phone because it can be an IP different from your pj. * Do not use proxies because it can be another IP to your pj's.
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    1. Download last drivers of your Video: - Download the latest NVidia drivers - Download the latest ATi drivers 2. Make sure you have the latest version of directx installed and make sure DirectDraw Acceleration, Direct 3D Acceleration and AGP Texture Acceleration are enabled. If any of them is deactivated, activate it. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 History: FL2GameData::ObsceneDataLoad <- FL2GameData::Load() <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine Cause: The client cannot properly load banned messages. Solution: Delete obscene-e.dat in your C:\Program Files\Lineage II\system folder and run L2.exe again. -------------------------------------------------- General protection fault! History: UOrcMove::CalculateCRC32 <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine Cause: The client is missing one or more vital files that are required to load the game. You have not installed the patch or updater properly, you have accidently deleted files, or you are not using the right Chronicle. Solutions: 1. Reinstall Lineage 2 after completely removing the client via Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs. -------------------------------------------------- Negative delta time! History: UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop Cause: Your Lineage 2 client could not properly read your CPU clock speeds. This usually only happens with AMD processors. Solutions: 1. Download the [AMD Dual Core Optimizer] program and install it. -------------------------------------------------- Failed to enter Entry: Can't find file 'Entry'. History: UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine Cause: Your client is missing one or more required files to launch the game. This may also occur if you install the L2 Server patch onto the wrong version of the game (Hellbound, Gracia, C5, etc). Solutions: 1. Install the patch in the MAIN Lineage II folder, not the system folder or anywhere else. Installing it in the wrong place can cause this error. 2. Update your video card drivers to the latest stable ones. -------------------------------------------------- Application failed to initialize properly Cause: This usually appears when you are using modded video card drivers, very outdated video card drivers, do not have the .NET Framework installed, or any combination of the three. Solutions: 1. Update your video card drivers to the latest stable ones. 2. Download and install the .NET Framework 2.0 (Genuine Windows XP/Vista required). -------------------------------------------------- General protection fault! History: UObject:: DissociateImports <- UObject::EndLoad <- UObject::StaticLoadObject <- (Engine.SkeletalMesh =anything can be here=) <- IsLoadedResource <- User::SetPawnResource <- UNetworkHandler::Tick <- Function Name=NpcInfoPacket <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop Cause: This is 99% of the time caused by video card drivers being unable to load textures, or it can be very rarely caused by a missing texture. Solutions: 1. Update your video card drivers to the latest stable ones. 2. If step 1 does not work, do some searching to find out what driver versions work best for your video card. In my case and many others, the latest drivers have caused issues, and older drivers work much better. -------------------------------------------------- History: FArchiveFileReader::Seek <- ULinkerLoad::Seek <- TLazyArray<< <- FMipmap<< <- SerializeMips <- UTexture::Serialize <- LoadObject <- (Texture LineageMonstersTex.death_knight.death_knight_t00 99684524==99684524/133323252 99683358 132383) <- ULinkerLoad::Preload <- PreLoadObjects <- UObject::EndLoad <- UObject::StaticLoadObject <- (Engine.Texture LineageMonstersTex.Death_Knight_T00 NULL) <- UOrcMove::CalculateCRC32 <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine Cause: You have a corrupt texture, potentially from another private server that doesn't know how to create a proper patch or from an action you have done yourself. Solutions: 1. download a fresh Lineage2 client from [Link 1]. 2. If step 1 does not work, reinstall DirectX 9.0c and update your video card drivers to the latest stable ones. -------------------------------------------------- History: NConsoleWnd::RequestAuthLogin <- NCAuthWnd::OnLoginBtnClick <- NCAuthWnd::OnPasswordDone <- NControl::SendEventMessage <- NCEditBox::OnKeyDown <- NCVirtualWndMain::PassToFocusedWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::PassToFocusedWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::PassToFocusedWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain:ispatchWndMsg <- NConsoleWnd:ispatchWndMsgX <- NConsoleWnd:ispatchWndMsg <- UWindowsViewport::ViewportWndProc <- WWindow::StaticProc <- DispatchMessage <- 006903B0 256 <- MessagePump <- MainLoop Cause: Another program is intercepting your connection with the Auth server when you click 'Login'. This can be from almost anything. Solutions: 1. If you have an anti-virus program such as AVG, disable all active protection while logging in and enable it again only once you are ingame. 2. If you have another Lineage 2 client open of a different chronicle, close the other client and restart your client. Also close any other games that utilise an anti-cheat program, whether it be Gameguard, nProtect, etc. You should now be able to login. 3. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc and open the file 'hosts' with notepad. Other than all lines starting with the character '#', make sure that this is the only line there: localhost Unless you have added other lines there and know what you are doing, you can leave those, but delete all lines with L2authd.lineage2.com, L2testauthd.lineage2.com, auth.lineage2.com.tw, auth.lineage2.jp, L2auth.Lineage2.in.th, L2auth.Lineage2.ph, or anything else you see that relates to Lineage 2 Auth.
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    ???? Easy olys, easy pvp, easy server. Cya noob!
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    Clan: RunNiggaRun Total Gamers: 9 Leader: Culiau Nicks miembros: Cuiliau, iardemi, YPF, Chamuyo, Vitikoo, Clarisse, Kyar, Radke, Cocaina
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    Clan/CP: SecretFamily Total Gamers: 9 Leader: DarkPwned Nicks miembros: DarkPwned: DreadNought ShiShiboss: Bishop Jarbar: Necro 3chin0: Domi ThePrincessa: Bishop Cuartomilenio: Sps Azepser: Sps Ahmed: Necro Buluc: Tank Horario de cp de 19.00 Chile hasta las 00.00 en busca de otra cp latina !
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    Clan : [Bounty-Hunters] - BRA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD85uMacuDZFi9Lgxrn4iQw?view_as=subscriber
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    no pms for 9vs9 , sad ! But it is ok i will find you in PT zone
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    Clan : Marvel Members: 9+ Leader: Wookie
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    Leader Serenita Miembros: 14 AJAX (sub líder) Vanish Suavitel Palmolive Mrmusculos Strag0 Barder0 Nobbmaster69 Destiny Kami Deskisiada Onfire Nevex Crackdona
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    Clan : BREAk TEAM Total Gamers: 16 Leader: MesTreDasTreVas
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    Clan/Cp Requiem Leader: Kramel Miembros: Kramel, Dokar, Luisin, Shoun, Pissenlit, Mandrake, Villain, Mugen, Detroit.
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    Leader: MesTreDasTreVas Clan : BreakTEAM
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    Clan/CP: Method Total Gamers: 9 Leader: Shinnok Nicks miembros: ghino, guinem, peladencio, fleks, konah, jeath, kush, perfectlegend
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    Clan: Cruzaders Total Gamers: 15 Leader: Ashn Nicks miembros: Shiryu, Nissato, Neba, Akame, MastroPiero, Subaru, Malde, Parka, xDiego, llcen , Sync, Penooise, xShadow, ophelia. BaNNNN Multimedia (Opcional):
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    thank you malaka !
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    Clan/CP: NewStyle Total Gamers: 9 Leader: Lukaku Nicks miembros: Lukaku, Trapito, Kj, MrSmith, Pornomen, JaSP. Kharrasan, Diozzel, RubiaPK
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    Revenges Clan players: 9+ Clan Leader ZlNA
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    Me dejaste por fuera
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    HotPerfomance Clan name Leader Sectum Members 20+
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    Clan/CP: BDE Total Gamers: 9 Leader: Despot Nicks miembros: Despot, Pinkyy, Nite, BDE, Spooderman, Resi, w3rdup, Morrolan, LDE
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    Clan: ATR Members: 10+ Leader: Tyrannosaurus
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    Clan: morenos Gamers: 9 Leader: moreno157
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    Clan/CP: VibraPositiva Total Gamers: 9 Leader: xInnate Nicks miembros: xInnate, xShall , AngelOscuro , Undead, Aioros , Flatron, SyncMaster , SpellMaster , MalditoInsecto
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    +1 clan for servidor top.
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    Clan: Akatsuki Total Gamers: 9+ Leader: DurDe Nicks miembros: Chelios,Miroku,OhNapash,Terry,IEZaya,xKams,Valhalla,Sbtn,DurDe. Otros por confirmar... Saludos.
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    Vesper + Vesper Noble Elegia + Vorpal + Moirai Eternal + Seraph + Twilight + Immortal Tatui Gold
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